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Lila Loure's songs do not seek to merely engage the listener with superficial flattering sounds and winning harmonies. This songwriting duo invites you to reflect and delve into the depths of its darker tracks, which is where the holistic beauty of the music reveals itself. Only then does the attentive listener discover the blazing heart, around which the music meanders in tempo and mood changes. It's not a flickering light, but a flame of profound insight, nurtured by years of life experience.

Lila Loure's new EP LILA LOURE is a gloriously dark, but also an uplifting gem. The four folk noir, indie and avant-garde infused songs not only evoke with the songwriters' clear focus on the essentials. The songs benefit from the smart instrumentation, a well-dosed use of the harmonium-conveyed intensity and finely shaded moods.

Behind Lila Loure are the Bernese musicians Kathrin Obrist and Bärni von Wattenwyl. Kathrin Obrist, who matured as a songwriter and performer in the bohemian New York of the '90s under the influence of the Ramones and Nina Hagen, has participated in various crossover and punk-rock bands. As a singer and songwriter, she increasingly began to accompany herself on the piano and Indian harmonium as well as venture into jazz. Her antipole is the multi-instrumentalist Bärni von Wattenwyl. He can draw on a variety of musical influences, which are characterised by his study periods in Berne, Havana and Cairo.




24.10.2019 Singersongwriterslam Parterre one basel

21.11.2019 Ono Bern, Plattentaufe

Mit Araxi Karnusian Tenor Sax

22.1.2020 Lokal Biel

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2.10.2019 Pyramid Stage Bern Felsenau

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